Premiumfocus Nautilus Achieves SAMI Stage 1 Certification

Press Release,

August 13th, 2013


Premiumfocus Nautilus has proudly achieved an important milestone by successfully obtaining  the SAMI Stage 1 Certification. Being one of the few companies to undergo this strict due diligence check, Premiumfocus Nautilus fulfills the necessary qualifications and continue the endeavor for the provision of world-class, tailor-made services by continuously raising its standards.

Premiumfocus Nautilus has been investing resources in maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS) from the first moments of its creation. Following the SAMI principles, «Stage 1» has been a proof of its management process.

With the SAMI Stage 1, Premiumfocus Nautilus took one step forward to further its internal QMS, by gaining an international approval of its management, readiness, conduct of operations, personnel management, logistics and operational procedures.



Premiumfocus Nautilus successfully completed Cyprus Flag Accreditation Vetting

Press Release,

April 5th, 2013


Premiumfocus Nautilus has successfully completed the vetting process for the Cyprus flag accreditation. It was an important decision as part of the business development strategy of the company that set as a major goal the acquisition of all the necessary licenses and accreditations from the sector’s international bodies.

The Cypriot government has amended its law in mid-2012, allowing PCASP (Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel), to board its flagged vessels in order to protect them against piracy at sea. It is a strict selection process that takes into consideration every legal and organizational aspect regarding the operation of the company.



Premiumfocus Nautilus accredited to operate aboard Panama flag vessels

Press Release,

February 5th, 2013


In January 2013, Panama legislation for Private Maritime Security Companies was amended in order to incorporate all the latest developments in the maritime industry, according to the IMO requirements; so as to ensure flexibility and good service to ship owners and operators, by employing reputable companies with sound infrastructure on board Panamian registered ships.

Premiumfocus Nautilus has successfully completed the vetting process, confirming its high operating standards. The Panamian flag accreditation has proven that its structure and operations have been analyzed by a well renowned, global administration.

Receiving the necessary accreditations is part of the business development process and of the quality management system implemented by Premiumfocus Nautilus.