Crew Training

Premiumfocus Nautilus provides a full range of training courses according to the ISPS Code as well as custom made training solutions for the crew and security personnel of companies related to maritime business.

Customized scenarios can also be added to such training depending on the needs and requirements of the client, so as to test ship and port security plans in practice, as well as the capabilities of existing security personnel and measures.

Courses can be focused on different phases that the vessel and the crew might have to go through (e.g. in case of piracy).

Phase one: preparations to be made and actions to be taken before entering the high risk area.

Phase two: actions taken while passing through the high risk area.

Phase three: actions during an assault (before and after boarding of Pirates).

Phase four: actions to be taken and how to behave during captivity.

This training, at the end of the day, will make your personnel feel more confident and able to deal with any security situation in a more sophisticated way.