Consultancy & Crisis Management

We can advise you in developing strategic and operational security plans, in order to mitigate threats related to piracy, maritime terrorism, organized crime and other unlawful interference and provide you with security solutions that optimize the safeguarding of your shipping business or offshore facilities.

Our consulting services include risk assessments, the conception of the optimal security plan and the assurance of its execution.

Risk Assessments:

  • Detection of all possible threats to assets and activities
  • Identification of weaknesses and limitations in the vessel or facility infrastructure, as well as in the procedures and internal workflows, including human factors
  • Proposal of the appropriate measures to mitigate vulnerabilities and
  • Suggestion of the necessary amendments to the procedures of the vessel or the offshore facility, in order to reduce risk

Security Plan:

Based on the risk assessment, we assemble and help you implement your optimal security plan.

This service also includes:

  • Crew consultation and training as well as attitude and behaviour change regarding security and emergency procedures
  • Targeted interventions by setting security management priorities, in order to ensure a long-lasting change
  • An intelligence report detailing critical global maritime security issues with commentary by our leading experts on the current security landscape
  • A risk management approach to assist management to understand the implications of security results and seize opportunities for improvement